Fonthill Lumber is a prominent supplier of lumber products and roof trusses

Wood Siding
Cape Cod Wood Sidings Inc.

Cape Cod Wood Sidings Inc. is North America's only specialist in pre-finished wood sidings, trims and colour-matched accessories, all manufactured under one roof in a completely controlled environment. Because we manufacture wood siding from a raw piece of wood to a finished product, we can control the quality at each stage of production. It's your assurance of a 100% usable product.

Fraser Wood Siding

 Fraser “Classic Series” shiplap siding is manufactured using the finest quality fiber available. Each piece has been graded multiple times to ensure that only the best available fiber goes into our process. The natural beauty of wood siding cannot be matched.


Dedicated to cellular PVC trim that translates to thickness tolerances that are half the industry norm and the continued development of revolutionary products.