Fonthill Lumber houses lumber and plywood, OSB, LVL beams, engineered wood products and more. Contact us to place an order today



Fonthill Lumber operates a full-fledged facility and an extensive lumber yard with skilled employees and finished materials ready to be delivered as the need arises. We have varying types of construction-grade lumber that can be matched in accordance with your project requirements.

One of our key principles is customer service. Hence, we consider all our customers equally, be they individual home builders or large subdivision contractors. For pricing, terms of service, and other information, give Fonthill Lumber a call today!

Features & Advantages

Fonthill Lumber offers multiple advantages that speed up shipping and delivery times:

  • We have an extensive yard that houses lumber and plywood, OSB, engineered wood products, LVL beams and more, ready to be packaged and shipped
  • We work with our customers every step of the way. Our staff adjusts operations in accordance with the builder’s schedules to ensure prompt and courteous delivery times

We are dedicated to providing customers with high quality products and service. Feel free to contact us for both single custom homes and large subdivision projects.