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Shipper / Receiver


  • Ensures shipments are delivered accurately to various sites. 
  • Organises the various orders to the appropriate truck and route, and schedules the drivers to maximise route and load efficiency. 
  • Reviews and adjusts the yard orders against the delivery slips and assists in directing incoming traffic into Fonthill's Operations. 
  • Manages tire inspection and control of fleet

Personal Characteristics

  • Exceptional energy, drive and motivation
  • Excellent time management and organisational ability
  • Able to multi-task, learn and apply new information quickly
  • Detail oriented individual who adheres to aggressive timelines
  • Demonstrate high ethical and moral standards
  • Positive, friendly demeanour, but can be assertive and forceful when required
  • Superior organizational, presentation and report writing skills
  • Superior problem-solving skills
  • Adept to manage internal/external contacts which are of a regular nature which requires tact and courtesy in obtaining and exchanging information as well as maintaining confidentiality
  • Able to manage errors as errors may cause significant identifiable losses to Fonthill.  These losses could result in: monetary consequences; adverse relationships within Fonthill; poor public image, and/or substantial work delays.  The errors may have a continuing influence on the future operations and viability of the entire company.


  • 5 – 10 years management experience, industry experience is an asset
  • Degree or diploma in construction, engineering, planning, or Business Management or 10 years in the lumber or construction industry
  • Extensive knowledge of the trucking industry including lumber or construction
  • Capable to manage expenditure of significant amounts of money within budget as a regular part of duties


  • Able to think up ideas, create processes to achieve it, and make it happen
  • Adept at handling issues of controversial nature which require skill in interpersonal relationship
  • Adept at handling problems and resolving conflicts as a regular part of the job
  • Able to lead a team, solve personnel problems and work with trades and suppliers to resolve issues
  • Conduct or assist with interviewing, hiring, training, motivating, supervising, performance reviews, disciplining (including termination), and other people management issues, within guidelines
  • Able to understand the underlying situation and develop strategies to bring the issue out, and address the problem
  • Adept at presenting and communicating procedures and/or standards which often reflect change, and require skill and judgment to obtain co-operation
  • Proven coach and mentor who can motivate to obtain excellence in results