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Order Maker


  • The Order Maker receives direction from Yard Foreman. 
  • Focuses on the quality, productivity, and safety of orders and workers. 
  • Assists a Saw Operator, Grader, Labourer or SF drivers on handling and sorting material and may also cut and handle material to fill production or customer requirements. 
  • Keeps work area tidy and orderly, for ease of locating product and filling orders and efficiently and effectively maximise the quality and quantity, and minimise waste.
  • Work with Small Forklift Driver or Order Maker to direct placement of incoming and outgoing material


The following are the principal qualifications for this position:

Personal Characteristics

  • Able to multi-task, learn and apply new information quickly
  • Comfortable with variable workloads
  • Individual who can adhere to aggressive timelines
  • Able to work in an environment which is subject to constant review and requires efficient use of time to maintain production schedules.
  • Able to take direction or work independently, and exercise judgement where supervision may be minimal
  • Look at the quality of lumber, optimize order stacking and take advantage of space
  • Inspect all material going into the grinder is unsellable, to ensure that it is only used as the last resort
  • Regularly review lumber inventory levels, and report to Lumber Foreman of any shortages and overages
  • Able to perform manual tasks


  • 1 – 2 years’ experience working as an Order Maker or Labourer, industry experience is an asset.
  • General knowledge of lumber and building products